Show Preview: Pharaohs @ Mohawk (8/19)

PharaohsI know Alex Bleeker of Real Estate is playing over at Hotel Vegas, but I think I’m going local Monday night by checking out the great acts featured at the Mohawk.  I can rave on and one about Eets Feats, which features members of Low Times, or I could talk about the connection between The Shine Brothers and Black Angels. I might even want to talk about exciting new Austin act, God’s Gun, but of course, I’m going back to love on Pharaohs. This isn’t because the other bands aren’t incredible (they are), but because one of my favorite local acts has also just released a new video for their track “Come And Get It;” ou can watch it HERE. The track is super local; it was filmed by Jon Chamberlain of Rubberneck Mag, and features Steven of Sweet Talk/Jonly Bonly fame.  Seems like you should get to the Mohawk tonight: doors are at 9.


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

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