Show Pics: Young Girls @ Parish Underground (8/16)

Was it worth the wait?

Sometimes, you get so jacked up about seeing a headliner that it gets hard to deal with opening bands, antsy for the dancy. Last Friday was one such night. We all like the gents in Young Girls. They get silly and are ready to party. Nathan convinced them to put out their pending 7″ on Austin Town Hall Records. How about that?

ATH went to Parish Underground and checked out the new material from one of our current favorite acts. I took pics and grabbed a little video sample of their inevitable hit.

Of the openers on the bill, we saw the most promise out of 3D Friends. A couple of their songs really had us looking at each other with that “there’s something going up there” look of approval. Catchy pop and an animated front man, the songs varied in strength a little too much for a glowing review, but they have a few jams on their hands.

Young Girls had a bit of a party crew with them. Makes sense. This band has the weird blend of 50’s top 40, pre and post punk and power pop. Vocals duties get shared, but the band no longer switches instruments on stage as they used to do. The addition of a full-time drummer has Charlie and Pete locked in to their strengths. I don’t know why his band doesn’t have a huge following here yet. Let’s change that.

More pics at the photo site, scroll down for the vid…


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