I’m Enjoying Elvis Depressedly

elvisdepressedlyPlease pay attention to the punctuation here, I’m listening and enjoying Elvis Depressedly. Not, as it might be misconstrued listening to Elvis, Depressedly.  The South Carolina group is another project from Mat Cothran, the man behind this year’s beautiful Coma Cinema release.  This project is more of a full group, though the construction is still fairly minimal. Earlier this year the group put out Holo Pleasures 7″ EP, which is just now making it’s way into my hands.  I’m pretty sure Cothran’s voice can do me no wrong at this point. You should rush out and donate to the cause, picking up the group’s EP…it’s currently at the name your own price special.


Download: Elvis Depressedly – Pepsi/Coke Suicide [MP3]


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