Austin Spotlight: I Miss Voxtrot

voxtrotI think one of the most disappointing moment in recent Austin music history was the disbanding of Voxtrot.  Sure, members have gone on to work on various things, and other bands like Literature and She Sir stepped in to fill the void, yet nothing quite seems the same.  Classic twee pop sounds with bounce to make your feet shuffle and guitar licks to bring a smile to your face epitomized the great act.  I had recovered for quite some time until the following track below came on my shuffle last night; it brought back the sadness all over again.  At an early age, the group was able to release this track on the excellent Raised By Wolves EP, and they never let me down afterwards…that is until they walked away.  I think we should all sit back and just enjoy this sweet tune.


Download: Voxtrot – The Start Of Something [MP3]

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