ACL Spotlight: Joy Formidable

joyformidableIt’s time once again ladies and gentlemen to get all geared up for another ACL festival in a few short weeks.  As always, we’ll strive to offer you guys all kinds of coverage to get you prepped for the now two day affair.  We shall begin with some previews covering the artists performing and I’ve chosen to to turn my focus towards Welsh rock band Joy Formidable.  Follow the jump for more.

It’s hard to say when I first realized a had a major love affair with this band.  Likely it was upon my first viewing of their live show during SXSW back in 2011.  Well that and seeing them totally kill it a second time at Fun Fest later that same year.  Sure, I was a huge fan of debut EP A Balloon Called Moaning and debut LP Big Roar, but the raucous live show really confirmed my fandom.  Leading lady Ritzy Bryan is of course the driving force behind this crazy live energy as her supporting band members provide one hell of s steady rhythm section.

A couple of years into my musical interest, Formidable released their second album Wolf’s Law to the masses.  That LP solidified the group as one of the front runners in the current classical style rock n roll genre.  For real, that album hits you hard from start to finish.  You should check it out.

You can see Joy Formidable at ACL Festival on both Saturday the 5th & the 12th @ 5pm over on the Bud Light Stage.


Download: Joy Formidable – Austere [MP3]

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