ACL Interview: FIDLAR

fidlarThere’s not a whole lot of balls to the wall rock n’ roll acts hitting up ACL this year, but there’s definitely a few that I think you’d be disappointed to miss.  One is Parquet Courts, and the other is FIDLAR.  We were recently able to catch up with Brandon from the latter act to ask him a quick run of questions before they head our way to destroy our ears. 

ATH: Fuck it dog, life’s a risk was a mantra before doing stupid things.  How’d that become the name for the band?

Brandon: We booked a show and needed to call ourselves something. It just kind of happened.

ATH: Playing early on a big festival stage?  How do you connect with the crowd or do you guys just enjoy playing together? 

Brandon: We always try to have as much fun as we can when playing and give as much energy as we (or the substances inside us) can muster up, that seems to connect to the audience. I guess we’re a bit contagious.

ATH: You are kicking off a pretty cool stage lineup.  Anything you guys are looking forward to?  What has been your favorite band to open for? 

Brandon: Jimmy Eat World for sure, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Black Angels, Blind Boys of Alabama, Pinback….damn we’re playing on a good day.

ATH:  You made our list of early bird specials.  How are you going to spend the rest of the day? #skateordie

Brandon: Massaging each other’s calves with baby oil.

ATH:  You guys are playing both weekends, so how does that work out? Are you going to bounce around the state or just party in the city?

Brandon: Yeah we’re playing ACL in the middle of a full US tour, so were heading to New Orleans in between.

ATH:  What are your must haves for a festival? Either as a festival goer, or as a band playing? What can’t you live without?

Brandon: Probably a phone charger and cigarettes.

ATH:  You’re running an ad campaign to get people to check out your band FIDLAR. What’s the slogan?

Brandon: FIDLAR…it’s in the water.

ATH: Marry, Fuck, Kill…Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker

Brandon: M: Mark, F: Travis, K: Tom

ATH: We like to encourage people to bring presents to their favorite bands. What can your fans bring you that will make your day?

Brandon: Any 90’s era NBA T-shirts…that’s my shit.

FIDLAR plays at 12:00 PM on the Bud Light Stage.  The track below should indicate just how much you need to see these guys.


Download: FIDLAR – The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid [MP3]

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