ACL 2013: Weekend One In Pictures

I’ll take things seen at a festival for $1000, Alex.

Weekend One of ACL was nothing but fun. Hopefully, you followed along on the intarwebs with the Twitter and Bookface. Me and the people I like a lot spent time in the sun, luckily. It was like a fest of two halves split by a cold front. Oppressing heat and humidity dominated until about 3pm on Saturday and after that, Chamber of Commerce. I will be making a #dontmovehere flag for next year just in case the stars align to give us that glorious cold front of blue skies.

I loved Wild Cub, Electric Six, Lionel Richie, Depeche Mode and The Cure. The collection of photos includes plenty of random revelers that we know as festival people. Click through for a couple extra notes and plenty of pics. See if you can find yourself…

I was bummed to see that Wild Cub was only on the first weekend. They brought the dance party and I have to thank our friend Rebecca that remembered they were playing and told me and the wife to meet at BMI. w00t. “Wild Light” is a hit.

Bitch don’t kill my vibe.

The Cure was better weekend one, as was Depeche Mode, though weekend two got “Behind The Wheel”.

Widowspeak was lovely, maybe not festival jams, but so very good.

Electric Six was the funniest set. They need money to make it to the next stop on their tour, so buy shirts. Google “electric six adam levine”.

Typhoon is a WE2 Sunday cancellation sad face. They were brilliant, so much going on on stage.

We started a conga line during “All Night Long”, much to the chagrin of many pairs of sunglasses and other breakables that were subsequently trampled. Lionel is a pro; he did some songs straight up, others as a story-telling segment. The Commodores had hits and we danced and sang along. Killer way to close it out, not upset about missing Atoms for Peace AT ALL.

I’ll have tons of pics for weekend “two/thirds” from the photo pit. Stay tuned. With out further ado, things seen at a festival:

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