FFF Fest Preview: The Walkmen


Fun Fest is now just a few short days away and the ATH crew couldn’t be more excited for the big event.  With just those few days left, we plan on highlighting a ton more bands we’re excited about seeing this weekend.  Today I give you legendary rock group The Walkmen.  Follow the jump for more.

What’s left to say about The Walkmen at this point?  We’ve been talking about these guys on a regular basis since we started this website 5-6 years ago.  It’s clear that we have a major love affair with the band.

I called the band legendary earlier and some may not agree that they have elevated to that level at this point in their career.  Those people are dumb.  When I look back at the career of this band, I see artists who are currently in their 13th year, have 7 full albums, and something like 8 EPs.  As I read the list of that massive discography, I can’t say I see a single release that I didn’t absolutely love when it was released.  You could maybe convince me that A Hundred Miles Off was a lackluster release, but it does have two of my all time favorite Walkmen songs in “Louisiana” and “Lost in Boston”, so nah it’s pretty rad too.  I see this band as one we will look back on 10-15 years from now and call them one of the few truly superb bands of our time among a slew of over hyped, hipster BS bands.

I would hate to think we have readers who have never seen this band live, but if it’s true, you need to put them on your Fun Fest schedule immediately.  Hell I’ve seen them tons of times and they are still one of my top 5 bands of the weekend.  You won’t be disappointed.

You can catch The Walkmen on Friday at 6:25pm on the Orange stage.


Download: The Walkmen – In the New Year [MP3]

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