American Icon Christmas Bizarre @ Hotel Vegas (12.7)

americaniconsmall-640x800There’s a great local event going on this Saturday evening in Austin: American Icon Christmas Bizarre at Hotel Vegas.  What is it, and how does it fit into the ATH music coverage? Well, for starters it’s like a Farmer’s Market for what’s cool. There’s 13 vendors selling vintage clothes, jewelry, records and more; so you can get your Christmas shopping done before things turn crazy.  But, accompanying the weekend sale are killer bands that you know we love such as Pharaohs, Grape St., Loteria and more! You get to shop, you get to drink, you get to see great bands, which pretty much means that this is a dream come true.  Entrance is $7, and that money goes to help the bands live and breathe; it’s worth every penny.  See ya’ll there!


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

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