A Night Out In Austin (2/5)

Mozes & The FirstbornIt was a busy Wednesday night. We had some solid locals kicking off bills that featured some far travelling acts we have loved and some we wanted to see if they were the real deal. We straddled our two most frequents haunts, The Mohawk and Red7, despite the bone drying cold. I met Nate downtown, brought one camera, one lens. Instead of a normal show review, I am going to do the share few thoughts and plenty of pics thing.

Bands featured: Hundred Visions, Mozes & The Firstborn, The Sour Notes, Yuck and together PANGEA

Hundred Visions: Bringing back the guitar solo head thrash. Turn on the lights guys. You deserve it. Maybe my favorite thing that night.

Mozes & The Firstborns: Gents above were trumped. They travelled from far away lands, whatever that place is that makes Dutch people. Relaxed and tight, the bass is upside down.

The Sour Notes: Have fun on the road, friends. Stage presence was solid. Never upset to see you on the show roster.

Yuck: Meh. I miss Daniel when you play the old(ish) songs. Stick to the new stuff, y’all are a different band.

together PANGEA: Why is Pangea yelled in the band name? Because PANGEA. Stage diving, packed house, lots of energy, no light – sorry for not capturing the energy, didn’t bring a flash.

I would finish commentary by saying the locals did good things tonight. Mozes & Co. gets best band award from me. Hundred Visions put down a sweet set and The Sour Notes did nice work, as well. Yuck wasn’t the band that sounded good enough to allow for the boring performance. #reinvent together PANGEA will play a million shows during SxSW. I recommend catching them.

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