ATH Interview: Jess Williamson

Jess AMBA BannerWe’re really proud to be part of the Austin Music Blogger Awards; it’s going to be a huge success celebrating the Austin music community.  While it may not be perfect, we’re doing our best to make it an event that everyone enjoys.  So with that in mind, we caught up via email with Jess Williamson, as she tours in support of her recent effort, Native State; she’s nominated for Best Solo Artist.  She had a great 2013, and looks like 2014 is shaping up to be another solid year for her.  She’ll also be playing at the awards show, so be sure to pick up your tickets HERE.

Also, don’t forget the readers get a vote too! Vote for your favorite Album of the Year HERE.

ATH: Let’s get right to business…you’re nominated for Best Solo Artist with some pretty incredible names….if you had to pick one other than yourself, who would you call the winner. ( for ballots)

JW: I’d go with Jesse Woods. He’s my friend and we’ve played shows together.

ATH: Looking back on your 2013…what are you most grateful for? Any regrets?

JW: I’m most grateful for finishing my record! No regrets.

ATH: This is the first year of the Austin Music Blogger Awards…what do you think of the concept as a whole?

JW: I do not know what to think yet. I’ll reserve judgment until I see how much free stuff is involved.

ATH: What’s been the biggest impact on your music/life in regards to being involved in the Austin music community?

JW: Having a community is good for your music and your life. People within the community can assist each other. I’ve been lucky to find in Austin people to play with, book shows, and record. It’s really nice. I’ve been in a position for the last year or so where I’ve been asking a lot of people for help. I hope I can start giving back soon.

ATH: What are things our city and its music fans can do to improve the culture or music scene as a whole?

JW: A good start would be not shutting down existing venues that serve as a center point of the community only to replace them with a cheap corporate imitation. Cheap meaning lacking in cultural capital, not monetary. Just a thought.

ATH: You’ve already had a pretty incredible 2014 as well, with the release of Native State, but what are a few things you still have left to accomplish before the year runs out?

JW: I want to tour a lot this year, finish writing the next album, and record it by the end of the year.

ATH: Who do you think is going to have the best 2014 in Austin?

JW: Alex Sanchez, the head of communications for AISD. His twitter has just exploded since all of the recent school closings due to inclement weather. He is inventing hashtags (such as #txcrazyweather), putting his two cents into student disputes regarding school closings and late starts, and he just passed 2,000 followers on twitter! He’s the man right now. You can follow him at @AISD_alex

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