The Weekend Update: ATX Show Previews

austiniloveyouWell, we’re rolling into the dreaded holiday weekend that haunts a lot of people, but what better way to spend your Valentines Day by watching a great show, either with your loved one, or finding one.  There’s tons going on this weekend, so I wanted to spotlight a few shows you should look into.  Dinner and flowers are dumb; rock n’ roll is the way to go. Read more to find out where you should be.



Low Times, VAMOS, the Rips @ Beerland – 9 PM

Bad Sports, Bad Lovers, Pharaohs, Mike Mariconda @ the North Door – 9 PM

Gardens & Villa @ Red 7 – 9 PM

Sebadoh, Octagrape, Phantom Lakes @ Red 7 – 9 PM

Harvest Thieves, Featherface, Genuine Leather @ Holy Mountain – 9 PM


Oblivians, Spray Paint, Hex Dispensers @ Mohawk Outside – 8 PM

Pop Unknown, Little Radar – @ Red 7 – 9 PM

Zeale, Clouds Are Ghosts, Megafauna – Stubbs – 9 PM

RJD2, Bagheera, Roger Sellers @ Empire Control Room – 8 PM

Since we’re here to rep Texas and Austin…the songs below feature Texas/Austin acts…Bad Sports, Genuine Leather and Clouds are Ghosts.




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