ATH Interview: Mirror Travel

Mirror Travel AMBA BannerIt’s been an incredible year for Mirror Travel; their Mexico record for Modern Outsider was our Number One record in our Top 15 Austin Albums, and it looks like they’re continuing their meteoric rise.  They’ve been nominated for several Austin Music Blogger Awards (find all nominees HERE), so we caught up with the band to give a little bit of insight into the life of the band.  Click below to read all about it, and don’t forget to pick up your tickets HERE…the band will be playing as part of the night’s incredible line-up.

ATH: You were previously known under the moniker of Follow That Bird… What prompted the name change and why Mirror Travel?

MT: We felt we were a new band. We formed Follow That Bird in a very different time and space. Mirror Travel is now.

ATH: You guys are nominated for not only one, but two AMBA’s (best band and best album)… And Mexico is only your first full length album. Is 2014 going to be your year to ride the waves of success from this album, or are plans for another already on the horizon?

MT: We’re definitely looking ahead and writing for the next album; we hope to have a new release by the end of the year. Releasing “Mexico” always felt like a step we had to take before we could physically enter a the new mental space that’s been floating above us for some time. We have new songs and new sounds in mind so it’s exciting to feel like we can finally go there though, we’re certainly not leaving “Mexico” in the dust. We’re playing Austin Psych Fest on Saturday, May 3rd and will leave May 6th for a West Coast tour.

ATH: Of all the venues around Austin, which is your favorite place to play?

MT: Amy’s Ice Cream or The Domain.

ATH: SXSW is coming up, and a lot of the time that means short set times and a limited amount of time to convey to crowds just exactly who you are and what your sound is. If you could only play one song to get people interested, which one would it be, and why?

MT: Stoner.

ATH: There’s always a ton of great other local bands and artists hanging out around town, hence the reason why we are celebrating them with the AMBAs. Who, nominated or not for an AMBA, is your favorite product of Austin right now?

MT: RF Shannon, Zoltars, Low Times, SUR, Holy Wave & Hidden Ritual.

ATH: If you had your choice to open for any band, which would you choose, and why?

MT: The Pretenders, Cocteau Twins, Neil Young. No explanation needed.

ATH: What’s the best thing about living in Austin?

MT: Neighbors with goats

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