Contest: Ticket Giveaway for Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsytem

1149650_600371506701037_1279571646_oAlright all you dance-ateria types, we’ve got a great deal for you courtesy of our friends at Learning Secrets.  They’re putting on an incredible dance party this Saturday night at Kingdom featuring Pat Mahoney as Museum of Love; he’s one of the founding members of LCD Soundsytem.  You can definitely hear how the beats were constructed for the old group, though Mahoney has a different spin on the vocal take than James Murphy (deeper).  Plus, not only do you get to hear Mahoney and his friends throw down, but the boys in Learning Secrets will be opening up the night too, taking on a two hour set starting at 10.  Tickets are $15 HERE, or you can pay $20 at the door.  Your best option is to leave us a comment telling us why you deserve to go to this; it’s that simple. Contest closes Friday at Midnight.

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  • I am a terrible but enthusiastic dancer. I travel with a large pack of gay men who party with abandon.

  • I will be traveling 270 miles for this event and it’s my soul sister birthday! We want have a night of dance and good vibes we picked this event because we know it will be proper and Quality! I would like to surprise her with some tickets!oh yeah did I mention anyone from LCD SOUNDSYSTEM AND DFA RECORDS is pure bliss! Good day! 🙂

  • Because I missed your last party and then got stood up! Waaa-waa!

  • I am a mother of 4, my hubby works out of town and I am in much need of a dance party break. ESPECIALLY Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem!! So exciting. Anyways my kids are constantly playing really crappy radio music that make me want to go absolutely insane. Plus I’ve had to spend money on those crappy concert tickets for them bc I’m all for kids exploring music, especially live like my mother did so graciously for me. Im only 32 and I’m feeling old lately lol. I need a break! I’m a fan of good music 🙂

  • Because I missed the final LCD Soundsystem show at MSG, and have to hear about how awesome it was on a constant basis. Why did I miss the show? Because I moved to Austin from NYC and had to sell my tickets. The way I see it…Austin owes me some LCD love.

  • Because I take off my pants when I dance.

  • I deserve tickets because I missed that time that Daft Punk played at your house.

  • Because I need a night away from my boyfriend who hates LCD Soundsystem.

  • Because I dance with all of ME! Seriously, lately while dancing I’ve noticed that others give me space to get down… maybe that’s because they’re fearful of my spatial awareness (or lack thereof)! I love love LOVE to dance and do so as often as possible. If I win this contest I will dance and represent not only me, but YOU, Austin Town Hall. You’re the very best and I love LCD Soundsystem.

  • I would LOVE to win these tickets <3

  • The Sunday after the show I will be working at 7am. I will be tired and grumpy is I go to the show or not. If I get free tickets at least being tired and grumpy will be worth it.

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