ATH Interview: Love Inks

Love Inks InterviewLess than a day away from the AMBAs, and we wanted to run one of our last interviews with one of the nominees for Best Album.  Love Inks had an incredible year, and we loved Generation Club.  We caught up with the band to talk about some of their achievements, influences and what nots. We hope to see you all out tomorrow night over at Spider House Ballroom.   

ATH: You all had a really good year with Generation Club.  How does it feel to return to come home to return to some much deserved appreciation, via larger crowd and awards such as the AMBAs?
LI: It’s interesting because our first album was received really well on an international level. It just seemed to miss Austin ears at that point. We were told when we first started that if you just keep playing, people will start to trust that you’re not going anywhere. It seems like that advice is finally working in Austin. We’ll keep playing music regardless, but it’s a lot more fun to play with people there. As far as the AMBAs, we’re appreciative of anyone that hears our music and likes it on any level. With that said, having a group of music enthusiasts like the Austin Music Bloggers give a nod to our album is great. Thank you.
ATH:  What’s been the hardest part about growing up as an Austin band?  Do you feel that the environment, either current or past, has been a place that’s really helped shaped your sound or your attitude about how you’ve approached music?

LI: I can’t really think of anything difficult about being an Austin band, aside from the fact that there’s a lot of great music.  As far as Austin shaping our sound, it took extensive touring for us to realize how heavily our sound was impacted by our location. There’s a languid pace to Austin that doesn’t exist in a lot of other cities. That dreamy, lazy vibe was the framework for our obsession with space and silence. I think the music community here is incredibly supportive, which makes it easier to try new things and put yourself out there.
ATH:  In your mind, who are the  best bands that are working in Austin right now?

LI: I’m sure all three of us would have different answers but I would personally say Deep Time, John Wesley Coleman, Daniel Francis Doyle and Gal Pals. I love seeing all of them play and for very different reasons. 
ATH:  A lot of people seem to always look immediately to the husband/wife relationship in the band.  First, do you guys ever get tired of answering these sorts of questions? Second, has it made it harder or easier to be able to tour with your significant other?

LI: Hmmm… it’s not that we get tired of answering the questions but I do wish that we had never put it out in the universe. I think people might perceive the songs or even the band in general differently because they know that we’re married. I’m even tempted to say we’ve gotten divorced but that’s just bad juju, right? When we’re in the band though, we’re just bandmates. If it was anything else, I think it would be impossible to have bandmates. The only real problem is finding a dog sitter for long stretches of time. 
ATH: Your band has been around for a bit, so what advice would you give to a young Austin band just starting to make their way into the scene? Are there places to steer clear of, or is it more trial by error? Help the young ones.

LI: I would give the same advice I was given when Love Inks started. Keep doing it. Even if you’re not drawing crowds, even if no one seems to get your music. The scenes change and people will eventually come around. Also, be nice to everyone, Austin is a small town and you never know what kind of bridge you’re potentially burning by being a self-important asshole. Just because your band has hype right now doesn’t mean it will in a year. Reply to emails and always be nice – make connections. It’s important for your band and for your karma.
ATH:  I’ve never caught you guys with an actual drummer.  Your sound is definitely complete, but ever experiment with the idea of taking a live drummer out on the road? Why or why not?

LI: Our first label really pressured us to play with a drummer for live shows so we’ve thoroughly explored this option. We’ve played with four different drummers, who were all amazing. The craziest combination was when we played with Gabe Serbian from the Locust. That was so much fun but a wild fit. Each drummer approached it differently from electronic pads to playing along with the drum machine to using a full drum kit. In the end, we’re not a traditional rock band so the drums never quite fit right. Our goal has always been to draw people in utilizing space and silence and I think drums take away from that aesthetic. 
ATH:  I’ve heard elaborate plans for your attendance at the show including a nod to American Hustle…what celebrities would best play your band members in the Made for TV Movie on Love Inks?

LI: I would like to request that either Beyonce or Mariah Carey play me, regardless of how shitty the acting might be. If they’re not available I’ll take Jennifer Lawrence. Since I’m the one answering these questions I think Clint Eastwood or David Bowie would play a good Derek Brown and Kevin can be played by Vincent Gallo or Jack Nicholson.

In short, if it’s all musician/actors playing us we’ll have a billing of Mariah Carey, David Bowie and Vincent Gallo. Actors would be Jennifer Lawrence, Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson. Clearly this movie would rule either way.

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