Austin Psych Fest Interview 2014: Pink Mountaintops

PinkOnly a few weeks away from Austin Psych Fest, and we’re trying to continue to keep you up to date on some of the bands we’re really excited to see at the festival. Today we’ve got a short and sweet interview with Pink Mountaintops main guy, Steve McBean.  Read below for his responses, and be sure to check out the band at the festival on Sunday, May 4th.

ATH: Welcome to Austin, or welcome to soon being in Austin. What do you look forward to when you come into our town? Any local food, drink, venues, etc.?

SM: Migas at Tamale House East, crawfish at The Boiling Pot, Lone Star at Emo’s. It’s all good! I love watching the bats fly and the underpass parties.

ATH: You’ve played the fest before. What was your experience like last time? Obviously you must have enjoyed it since you’re coming back?

SM: I think I’ve been about every year. The friends, the music, & the wild times in the strangest little city in Texas! Always exciting to see Roky walking ’round.

ATH: You’ve got a new album just about to hit stores. What can fans expect here? Are you happy with the way it turned out?

SM: It’s rock’n’roll! It’s GTS!

ATH: Since this is a band lead primarily by you, how does studio time work? Do you record most of this on your own or do you bring in friends?

SM: This time I wanted a band. Human beings interacting and grabbing each other electricity. It was fun and fun is what’s it worthwhile.

ATH: In the same vein, I see some musicians you’ve previously done work with on the festival lineup. Any special guest appearances to be expected for your set?

SM: Surprises must remain surprises.

ATH: What would McBean be doing if he didn’t find the music world? A reporter? Maybe a pro football player?

SM: No idea. I’d probably be really bored.

ATH: The zombies have over run the world. What are your last words?

SM: What’s up?

Thanks again McBean!


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