Show Review: Odonis Odonis @ Mohawk (4.21)

Odonis OdonisI know, I know. Everyone was at the National on night one! But, I’ve seen them, and I was going on Tuesday, so I penciled in a show that I was really excited about.  I’ve been raving about Odonis Odonis since their last EP, and their new record, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, has been on constant rotation.  While the crowd might not have been what I hoped, the show definitely lived up to my expectations.

Austin’s own Super Thief opened up the evening.  Listening through their set, I was struck by two things: they have the songs and sometimes noise can be honed in.  The tune themselves were executed well for the most part, though I thought at some times they tried to cram too much into one track.  It wasn’t that I abhorred the live production, just that I felt they could’ve cleaned things up a bit more.  But, that being said, the group’s young, and they can only build upon the promise they demonstrated on the night.

Things only got better from there, as Shockwave Riderz took to the stage.  I was super-impressed by the Pittsburgh trio, though I had one complaint we can touch upon briefly, later.  Sara Mac was a dynamic front-woman, enjoying her time on stage, flinging her hair about as she threw some melody into the threesome’s noisy songs.  I liked the manipulation of sound being done by Paul, but I feel like a guitar would have really added an extra emphasis to the set, especially in the presentation. But, perhaps that’s just not their thing, and even without it, the set was incredibly solid.  They’re like the bastard love child of Odonis Odonis and Beach House…offering incredible noise manipulation, wrapped in this warm pop blanket.

When Odonis Odonis took the stage just before midnight, I was ready.  I had my earplugs in, an adult beverage in hand.  From the minute the pixelated images began to flicker behind them, they sounded dangerous.  The walls of noise and chaotic vocals echoed loudly in the room, as the band energetically moved about the stage.  It reminded me of watching Liars, back when they had a bit more edge than art.  It was hard to take your eyes off the men on stage, particularly Dean, who strove to shake every last discordant note out of his guitar.  For me, it was the concise manipulation of the noise that really won me over.  While the openers on the night went too far, cramming too much in, Odonis Odonis displayed a band that have been at it for some time, using restraint to reign in their noise.

My only complaint on the night was that the show needed more people.  Only because I wish more people had caught the really great sets that I witnessed…so if you get a chance to see Odonis Odonis or Shockwave it!  Follow are pics from our boy B. Gray.

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