Contest: The Faint @ Belmont (5/2)


Listen up Faint fans, we have a special giveaway for you kids to see their show on Friday at The Belmont.  Up for grabs is a pair of tickets for you and a friend to enjoy this stellar show.  To enter, simply leave a comment below with your favorite song by the band and we’ll pick a winner based on our own opinions.  Contest ends tomorrow around 2pm so get those entries in now!  Winners and those attending the show, don’t forget to show up early for your openers Reptar & BloodyKnives.  Go!

Please don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.


Download: The Faint – Agenda Suicide [MP3]


  • Victoria Beeler

    Yes! Please pick me! My boyfriend loves The Faint and we both actually have a friday night off, for once!

  • Agenda Suicide. It reminds me of working as temp in a cubicle for Citi bank in New York. Talk about bleak.

  • Worked up so Sexual off the album Blank-Wave Arcade because it’s fun and super sexxxy

  • Victoria Alvarez

    Agenda Suicide because it reminds me of the time I was denied access into The Faint show in Houston back in 2006 because I wasn’t 18 yet.

  • The Geeks Were Right because aren’t they always?

  • It’s so hard to pick just ONE!
    You guys are killing me here but- Agenda Suicide because… THAT BASS TONE but also because it has the perfect mix of dance and punk.

    Can we also talk about their amazing cover of “Mote” by Sonic Youth and how amazing “Take me to the hospital” is? I could go on forever.


  • Agenda Suicide by far–best album was Danse Macabre. I’ve loved The Faint for years!!

  • ERECTION of course! And tomorrow is my birthday. I need to win. 🙂



  • I LOVE The Faint!!!! It’seems impossible to nail it down to just one favorite.

  • Mitchell Dean

    CASUAL SEX! I made a music video to this song in 2005 at the New York Film Academy – recently lost my job so I can’t afford this show! Please watch my video and please help!

  • John leipheimer

    Let the poison spill from your throat! Get down like a clown with charlie brown!

  • Symptom Finger. It gets me through these hellacious Texas runs at Town Lake. I simply adore you guys!

  • Take Me To The Hospital, or Dust, or something off of Media. But I’m just listing darkhorses to gain favor with whoever is picking the winner.

  • Violent for sure! I few years back when I was I college we used to blast that song while driving around. Always got us super pumped when that crazy breakdown hits!

  • Battle of a paralyzed citizen. Remixed. At the end of
    The song when they sing I felt the hand of God and it’s the last thing that I felt is one of my favorite moments in harmony ever.

  • Definitely “Call Call”

  • Jordan Wilson

    Been jammin to you guys since freshman year of high school

    Damn do I love the faint jam…. Much love guys. Even if I dont win this
    PLEASE just keep doin what ya do 🙂

  • Jordan Wilson

    Erection for my song by the way. Cause why the hell not??

  • Mitchell Dean

    Casual Sex!

  • Favorite song is probably going to have to be Let the Poison Spill From Your Throat.

    Gimme some tickets and I’ll scream until it’s gone at that show.

  • The Geeks Were Right.

  • So sexual

  • I love this band!!! Best live show I have ever seen! Today is the last day of my office job and I can’t wait to rock out.

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