Show Pics: Orthy @ The Living Room (5/25)

OrthyA little end the work week viewing…

When it came time to figure out what to do the night before the Holiday last Monday, we figured something relaxing, maybe a little fancy, friends, etc. How about Orthy and Royal Forest playing the W’s Living Room Live series? Drink specials? Sure. Couches, awesome! We even made dinner reservations before hand. I wore shorts that weren’t cut down from longer origins.

Our friend asked if my little camera that joined us was one of the black & white specialty types, which keyed me to shoot the night in monochrome. Why not? I was “on vacation”

Read through for a few notes on their sets and pics…

Royal Forest is pulling back the vocal effects a bit and tightening up their live sound. Add to that this space, a high ceiling square room with only one clean wall. The sound guy said that they have to tinker a bit per band to get it right, but it sounded dialed to me. I would have loved to have stuck a mic in the middle of the room to see how it would have turned out. #bootleg

Orthy was using this as a warm up set to a show next week opening for Holy Ghost!. They had a fill in on drums. Some guy that is in some bands called TV Torso and Sound Team (RIP). Whatevs. The room filled with more bodies and a gaggle of W guests took selfies during the set. Modern version of holding up a lighter? Perhaps. Deets on the Holy Ghost! show are forthcoming, allegedly FREE!.

Downtown is pretty.

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