Show Preview: Pity Sex and Solids @ Holy Mountain (Tonight)

holyRarely do you get to start off your week with such a bad ass show, but I’m really excited for tonight’s gig over at Holy Mountain.  You’ve got a couple of solid openers in Costumes and Gang Sign, but there’s also one of the most overlooked bands of the year jamming strong, Solids.  Their album Blame Confusion is this boisterous bombast, and I highly encourage you to get out now and get yourself a copy of it. Then the night gets closed out by Michigan’s Pity Sex, who offer up a shoe gaze-y version of rock n’ roll; they’ve got the ability to go loud, or pull back with a little bit more melody. This is the perfect way to kick-start your week, and lose a little hearing.


AMENDMENT: Pity Sex have had to cancel their slot due to traveling issues. So now Solids will headline!


Download: Solids – Off White [MP3]

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