Show Review: Ty Segall @ The Mohawk (9/5)

Ty SegallA Ty Segall show is always going to be an event at the Mohawk.  Whether it’s his own performance, or the crowd jam packed into the space, you always leave knowing your place.  Brian and I hit up his latest Austin stop last Friday, with local openers ThinkNoThink and Wand kicking the night off.  Despite a drizzle here or there, it was sweltering inside, if one was to judge from the faces exiting the pit.  Read on for a few brief thoughts and B. Gray’s photos.

I was really impressed with ThinkNoThink, the local Austin trio.  From the moment they kicked off their set, they brought energy, and an ode to the vocals of Led Zeppelin. For a show that later in the evening would rely upon solos and swinging of guitars, the group did their own version, setting up things for a great night.  Looking forward to hearing more from them later in the year.

After spending some quality time with Wand‘s Ganglion Reef, I was really anticipating their set.  It lived up to my expectations, walking that fine line between boisterous psych rock and pop sensibility.  The song’s sounded as good as they did on the recording, especially “Flying Golem,” but it also reminded me of why the album was good, yet not great.  At points, it comes off as a little bit one-note…and that factor gets blown up a bit more live, as you can only do so much in the live setting.  Still, banging drums, screeching guitars and warm vocals. I’ll take it.

Then there was Ty.  I mean, at this point, can’t I just say I saw Ty Segall. It was good. That’s really all that needs to be said.  He’s one of the most consistent songwriters/performers of the last five years, which is is precisely why his shows always sell out at the Mohawk, and anywhere he plays for that matter.  But, it’s almost getting to the point where he needs to start filling out two nights here in Austin.  The audience clearly knows all the words, even on the new songs from Manipulator, which is about as solid as you get in this year’s album of the year race. Why not give it another night? It does look like all the touring is wearing on them a bit though, as Mikal seemed definitely worn out…physical appearance-wise; he still killed it with his bass parts.  The show was good; I liked it.  Now I’d like to see Ty do something new. Change directions completely…a folk album perhaps.  Based on the support he draws in Austin, it’ll be a hit no matter what.