Top 13 Bands of FFF Fest

1112top5coverFun Fun Fun Fest snuck up on me quite a bit this year and it’s hard to believe that we are just one short week away from Austin’s best festival.  Good times will be had by all I’m sure and of course ATH is here to ensure that you will be aptly prepared for the weekend of fun.  Today we’re continuing our coverage of the fest with a look at 13 bands you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.  Why 13?  Because it’s Halloween and we’re cool.  Follow the jump for the list in no particular order.

Author citations are at the end of each blurb.

Twin-PeaksTwin Peaks – Saturday @ 12:20pm on Black

Saw this Chicago outfit during SXSW this past year and was impressed with their punk rock inspired sound.  Even at 11am on a Friday they sounded great so I’d expect a killer set in the middle of the day.  You should definitely get your hands on new release Wild Onion if you haven’t already. (Ray)



J_Mascis_Pic_1300365768_crop_550x450J. Mascis/Dinosaur Jr. – Sunday @ 7:20pm on Yellow & Friday @ 7pm on Orange

The man himself and the band that made him famous.  So this one is a little bit of a cheat since this is technically two different artists, but I can do whatever I want since I make the rules here.  Dinosaur Jr. is sure to give us an old school, straight rock n roll set complete with guitar solos and tons of crowd interaction.  Mascis, though more stripped down with his solo material, can still rock just as much on his own.  Don’t forget your elders, and don’t miss either of these sets. (Ray)


majical-cloudzMajical Cloudz – Friday @ 7:20pm on Yellow

This is one of those bands that I adore, and I can’t figure out why.  Devon Welsh is a striking performer, so much so that I’ve seen him turn typical chatty Austin into a sustained silence during his sets.  I’m a little concerned about how that might fair when he takes it to a festival setting, but I’m going to catch it all the same.  If you want to get sucked into something remarkable and moving, then find yourself catching his set. (Lankford)


3230Pissed Jeans – Sunday @ 2:45pm on Black

If you’re looking for one of the more rowdy and entertaining sets of the weekend, head here and you won’t be let down.  Now veterans to the scene, these guys have never disappointed in the live setting.  Expect tons of energy and a jacked up crowd. (Ray)



homepage_large.dc6ef1adSun Kil Moon – Friday @ 4:25pm on Orange

I hope to God that he plays “War on Drugs Can Suck My Dick,” but mostly because I think the whole Internet drama issue is kind of ridiculous.  Both bands make music, both have their fans and detractors; we should leave it at that. Plus, Kozelek’s music is pretty important, and striking, so you can guarantee a win.  And if he calls us all a crowd of hipsters, wear it like a badge Austin. (Lankford)


img-metz_153237367395Metz – Saturday @ 3pm on Black

Another super high energy band that promises to be one of the most promising mosh pits of the festival.  I’ve never seen these guys before personally so I’m looking forward to what they can deliver.  If their debut, self-titled LP is any indicator, we are in for a real treat.  Who knew Canadians could rock so hard?  (Ray)


deafheaven20131Deafheaven – Sunday @ 3:50pm on Black

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t really gotten into the recorded material of Deafheaven too much, but I am finding myself increasingly curious to see what they bring in the live setting.  I hear that we’re in for a treat.  It’s going to be heavy. (Ray)



Mineral-2014Mineral – Friday @ 3:10pm on Orange

If you weren’t at their recent Austin show, you better make a point to catch this reunion set 20 years in the making.  We were some of the lucky few to attend the show at Mohawk last month and we can confirm that they’ve definitely still got it.  Go be a fan boy and sing a long to every word.  We will be doing the same. (Ray)


Upload_IceAge_2011_07_17-01_10_12Iceage – Saturday @ 4:05pm on Black

Denmark’s finest post-punk group have have been garnishing critical acclaim since their inception in 2008, and rightfully so.  Their sound can move from punk music, to new wave, to straight rock, and back to punk again.  I’ve seen them live several times over the last few years and this is not a set you want to miss.  See you there. (Ray)


Death-From-Above-1979Death from Above 1979 – Friday @ 6:35pm on Black

I once saw these guys slay an old warehouse party back in 2004 SXSW, back before every one had a day party or secret night throwdown.  It was the Secret Vice Party, and they absolutely blew me away, performance-wise.  I know they’ve incited riots and divided opinions, but I want to travel back in time; I want to see if they still have it, or if they just got tired of their other projects and figured what the hell. (Lankford)


Neutral_Milk_HotelNeutral Milk Hotel – Sunday @ 8:30pm on Orange

There’s nothing that you really need to say about these guys.  Their album Aeroplane Over the Sea is one of the most highly regarded in the indie world.  This is one of those bands where no words do the work justice.  There’s always hope we get a new song or two, only furthering the world’s obsession with the band. (Lankford)


D700-Pains-Ans-336The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Saturday @ 4:40pm on Orange

I don’t even really need to tell you how much we love this band.  From the start of their career up until Days of Abandon, we’ve grown with them, and we’ve grown to love them more.  It’s pop music, played passionately by a band that is up there just loving every minute of what they do.  You’ll walk away with a smile, knowing there’s nothing wrong with great pop songs. (Lankford)


Rocket_from_the_CryptRocket from the Crypt – Sunday @ 7:25pm on Black

Bros. This is actually the band I think I’m most excited to see.  Of all the bands on our list, this is the one that I listened to all through college, and beyond, but obviously I’ve never seen them.  It’s going to be one helluva show. Those of you that are coming to FFF for the rocking side of things, this is one of the bands you’ll want to catch.  It was either these guys or Hot Water Music for my nostalgia pick, so obviously I went way way back…you know, since these guys don’t play together. (Lankford)


We’ve also got a handy soundcloud playlist with most of the artists discussed above with a few others that didn’t quite make the cut, but are still very much worthy of your time.  Have a great Halloween and see you next weekend!