I Was A Tourist In My Own Town

Formula OneI know FFF9 is upon us, but I would like to reflect on Formula One. It is something you here on the news. It is what many of you mistakenly call that thing out there on the east side of the airport. A long time fan, F1 weekend is just like a music festival to me. It is three days of party and day-drinking. But F1 weekend, with help from Transmission, has actually been able to provide a bit of music festival to go with the festival of speed.

You see, having Circuit of the Americas in Austin is a rather special thing. It is the only track to host Formula One in the United States and that means nearly a half-billion worldwide viewers know where we are and what we do. It hosts MotoGP, Tudor United and World Endurance Championship. It also has a big-ass music venue and that cool Loch Ness monster looking tower. Like I said, it is kind of a big deal. COTA is also nice enough to host Fan Fest downtown. This year, I hit night one with the Haloween crowd Friday and was lucky enough to check out Duran Duran Saturday. You will get a few DD cause I already posted the big gallery, but you will get plenty of Broncho, Devotchka, De La Soul, crowd shots and stuff from the track. I skipped Kid Rock, though regretting that a little. O_o

We took selfies.

We drank expensive beers.

I met and got an autograph from Alexander Rossi.

I Fan Fested, even going so far as to put my hands in the air.

I took photos.

We walked a lot.

We ate dinner at restaurants.

We made jokes at the expense of unfortunate fashion choices.

We cursed traffic.

We both agree that Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey would be nothing without that super good dog. Who’s a good boy?

Tourist. Austin really is a cool place to visit. Try it some time.

For those of you who haven’t been or have been scared to try, here is what Austin looks like during Formula One weekend.

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