Free Week Show @ Holy Mountain (1.5) – Slow

FREEWEEK2015_JAN05_HOLYMOUNTAINFree Week is just about here, and that means I should prepare you for the great show we’re putting on at Holy Mountain on Monday, January 5th. We’ve got Slow, Jonly Bonly, Shivery Shakes, Grape St. and also Young Girls. I’m going to toss out a little love to each band every day before the show, in hopes you’ll come join us. Also, don’t forget that our show is also a celebration bash for Pooneh Ghana, local photographer extraordinaire. So, here’s a bit on Slow.Garrick Thurston is the mastermind behind Slow, one of the bands I suspect will have a huge breakout year in Austin.  I first caught the act on the recommendation of SS from Sweet Talk and Jonly Bonly (who are also playing); I fully trust his tastes, especially after catching this group live.  They offer a blend of post rock and pop punk that’s entirely built on a huge wall of guitars and hidden hooks that will enthrall any listener.  Slow reminds me of great pop punk…the kind played by dudes who can actually play their instruments, rather than your little cousin who just got together with his high school buds in his parent’s garage.  Regardless of whether you grace our presence on Monday or not, don’t skip out on this group.


Download: Slow – How Are You [MP3]

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