Show Pics: We Partied @ Holy Mountain (1/5)

Lego KittehWe had a couple of excuses to throw a party. It was Free Week. Our friend Pooneh had a birthday. We had merch to sell.

The lineup was all kinds of ATH favorites; Young Girls, Slow, Jonly Bonly, Shivery Shakes and Grape St. As it turned out, Grape’s St‘s Brendan also had a birthday. Isn’t that great. Shout out to Holy Mountain‘s winter diorama.

Pinata. Confetti Eggs. Drink Specials. We were surrounded by friends. Couple comments after the break with a ton of pictures…

So I made a quick jump to Red7 to start the night with The Western Civilization. Despite not playing in a while, Reggie and Rachel made it look fairly easy, self-deprecating humor during breaks between songs to take the edge off any mistakes they could hear, but we couldn’t.

Back at Holy Mountain, Young Girls had just kicked off their string of hits. People stoic to start, party to end. It was like a mullet reveal. Jams. Slow impressed with punk vocals, but hair metal guitar pieces. All hail the return of the harmonious guitar solo. Jonly Bonly went right back to garage rocky punk rock perfection. Shivery Shakes shared a sweet dedication to Pooneh after having her on tour with them a little bit back. It was also the start of the confetti eggs. I tipped the door guy to ease the pain of the mess, heh. PINATA!!! Grape St finished the night as the revelers thinned and hugs were shared. Part.

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