ATX Show Preview: Adam and the Cola Kids vs Ramesh (2.5)

RameshTONIGHT! Man. What to do? There’s two incredible shows going down, and it’s hard for me to pick just one; maybe I’ll just scramble back and forth between the two. Take your pick…classic indie pop or garage-influenced power pop…either way you’re going to win if you go out tonight.  So, you can hit up Holy Mountain for the softer side of things.  The Columnist, Charm Bracelet and Missions all open things up for Ramesh.  I love Ramesh, as a person and a performer; he manages a great stage presence that’s as inviting as it is exciting.  We even helped released his debut LP last year, so pick one up if your in attendance.  But, I also adore the work of Warm Soda and Those Howlings, who are opening for Adam and the Cola Kids at Hotel Vegas. Those Howlings will use this as a release to their new album. So pick a show, either show, but go out and have fun kids.

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