ATX Spotlight: Stream the New Knifight Album (+Album Release Gig)

KnifightSometimes I get mad at Austin’s Knifight.  I feel like they don’t give us enough shows to display their prowess; I’m not mad really, I just want to see them more often.  Perhaps that will change now that they’re releasing their newest effort, V.  You’ll still hear the band’s signature affinity for electronic touches, but I think there’s a huge leap in the overall construction of the tracks on this release.  They sound more mature, and the finer details have been given great care, making the group’s sound more well-rounded; it’s a lot more dense,in that great musical way (not like you Aunt’s pound cake). A powerful album to go with their dominating live shows should make these guys stick out in Austin in 2015.  Check em at Cheer Up Charlies tonight for their album release.

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