Show Pics: Knifight Release Party @ Cheer Up’s (2/6)

Upload Knifight Release 04We are championing the locals. One of the bands we love is Knifight and while we sometimes think a few locals play too many shows, we cannot accuse Knifight of over-saturation. When we get a chance, we usually take it. Gothy, gazy, noisy, wavey, industrial and bad-ass, the band has a new album out, seven tracks that are given space to breathe progress.

To celebrate the album, Cheer Up hosted a show with GOST and ATH faves Night Drive to dance in the night. Head past the break and get a few thoughts and the usual batch of pics.

Nate and Nicole joined me and +1 and plenty of friends.

Up first, GOST brought the gimmick. Podium, flag, Skeletor mask, fat beats – keep the beats and lose the gimmick. Having seen GOST sans gimmick pre-show, it would have been better to see him au-natural believing in the jams they way Skeletor did. Some stuff was a little formulaic, but the slower tracks had depth and impressed us. Staying tuned.

Night Drive. A little bit of new stuff, but damn, these guys like to bring my shimmy out. Nothing new to report and I am fine with it. Confetti. We’re ready for the new record.

Knifight‘s latest material is a bit darker, kind of a backwards progression of New Order to Joy Division. I wonder if they cringe at such comparisons. How about Sisters of Mercy? Underlying tones range from straight industrial to psych. It is the vocals of John Gable that set the tone, the monotone, the strong monotone, the message. The rhythm section is the other thing that will stand out when you see the band as guitar and synth flourish in those spaces between. Projectors are fun. The new record is impressive. Can’t wait to hear the evolution of these songs live (hint, more shows please).

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