ATX Spotlight: Reservations

reservationsAfter seeing Reservations live a few months ago, I’ll admit they’d slipped my mind a bit, but when I saw that these locals were getting ready to release their debut full length album and had their lead single up for release I was brought back to the reality that this three piece outfit is something to shout about. The music video below is for the song “Planet” and it features stop action creatures who appear to have been enslaved. Regardless, the song that accompanies the music video is the main attraction in my eyes. Lead singer Jana Horn commands the track with her delicate yet utterly transfixing vocals while crunchy keyboards, subtle electric guitar and bombastic drums create the perfect electro-folk track. Once you hear this song you’ll be excited for Taking Time, which is out July 24th.

*If music videos aren’t your thing, the song is also here on soundcloud.



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