Show Pics: Faith No More @ Austin Music Hall (7/26)

Faith No MoreOh my garsh, it was hot in there. I know they are maximizing before demise, but I’d gladly add a dollar to a beer if I could avoid sweating like a prize-fighter. The coolest place to be in Austin Music Hall was at the front door where air rushed in from the outside. It was like opening an airlock in space.

Anyway, Faith No More came to town and brought along Napalm Death. Merch was sold. Classics were played. Lyrics were sung by all in attendance. We have the pics and a few notes from me and maybe even from super-fan-Cleo when and if she ever recovers after the break.

Napalm Death had been hardcore longer than most of you have been alive. How do you maintain the edge? How do you stay that angry? I have never been a fan of theirs, but damn. Their set was loud and fast. Barney Greenway put on a master class for any would be punk/hardcore vocalist. Danny Herrera’s manic underhand snare snaps rang like a string of Black Cats. Nice warmup.

Bathed in white light, surrounded by flowers and covered in white frocks, Faith No More spilled out to the stage to kick things off with a new track from Sol Invictus, a light-hearted piece called “Motherfucker”. You ever go see a band and it ruins the recorded material, in so much that the records just can’t compete? Faith No More is such a band. When getting into the deeper cuts from the classic records, you feel like you were robbed of something by the producers on those records. I don’t know how they could capture that feeling, but I get it. If a hit took you to one of their shows back when, the show made you a lifer. There were a lot of lifers in attendance, bringing their kids to become a next gen fan.

Mike Patton may be the focal point, because the band puts it out there to keep up and it makes a great show.


Fret not.  I am alive…though after last night, I am now okay to die.  Bucket lists got a little bit shorter for many in attendance at the sold out show.  I might frame my ticket stub.

Upon arrival from the 100 degree temperature outside into the humid venue inside, my ears were smacked with Napalm Death and I thought I may very well be in hell.  Though I, like Brian, am not a huge fan of the speedy metal band they did a great job of keeping those in the building alert for the headliner to come.

Faith No More.  The world around me froze and I became entranced in the flowery set and the warm-fuzzies I felt being surrounded by thousands of die hard FNM fans.  It was hard not to sing along to “Epic” and “Easy” but I wanted to take in the moment and really listen to hear if Mike Patton can still hit the high notes.  He can.  Not only that, the band came out for two encores which makes any crowd feel special.  I may be biased and all but no one can deny that the band was energetic, loud, and interacted well with the crowd.  Expectations met.  –Cleo Ray

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