Show Pics: Roger Sellers @ The Mohawk (7/25)

Upload Roger Sellers 27Here comes a little bonus show coverage before the week’s new jams…

Roger Sellers played a set at The Mohawk last weekend. I was there with plus one to hang out after a nice dinner at Perla’s. It was part of Raw Paw’s Alien Summer Series of shows showcasing many great local bands. There were many great acts, but Roger was fresh back from a little touring action. Wanted to see how things are evolving.

Projectors are fun. Notes and pics after the break y’all.

I didn;t catch his name, but the hosts had a kid with serious beat-box skillz. While milling about and saying hello to friends old and new, we took in some Austin talent I had not seen yet. First up was Tapes. They had a prog-rock instrumental vibe going until they added a little synth loop you could pick up influence from Teen Daze’s early stuff and even Tycho or The Album Leaf. The three-piece does a great job of sounding bigger than they are. We made our way indoors to see Caterwalrus. Psych with funk and dance undertones? Yawp. Quirky? Yup. Great socks? Sure. Their link a couple questions ago is to their bandcamp where you can stream some music to accompany a hot summer afternoon.

After meeting and chatting with Roger’s parents, we waited sidestage for Mr. Sellers set. He was getting quite psyched up. He wants to get to the right headspace. It pays off with an intensity that is cooled only by the soundtrack that is created. And I do mean soundtrack. His facial expressions, poses, hiding behind the mixers and effects to dancing with the rest of us, all a cinematic ride with the lovely visuals that accompanied. I was spellbound by “Appeals”. On a few occasions, his intensity gets the better of him, broken drumstick or headphones flying off, moments that seemed to upset a perfectionist, but endear the crowd. Definitely among the best musicians to see in Austin right now.

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