Show Pics: 3 x 3 Series @ The Mohawk (8/31)

Rain CollectorsWe were lucky enough to find a way to get three local bands paid, get staff paid and treat everyone to a solid lineup for supah cheap. You have to love it when a plan comes together.

The Mohawk was kind enough to host our first 3 Bands for $3 along with sponsorship from Sailor Jerry. Drink specials were had, jams were played, jokes were told, new friends, old friends, everything we love about “the scene”. All the while, we had this great soundtrack from Twin Bitches, Rain Collectors and Que Pasa. I grabbed the Df, set it to monochrome and mounted the trusty 40/f2 Voigtlander to document the happenings on stage. Click through for pics a plenty.

+1 and I enjoyed some flavors at Backspace. Get the asparagus starter if you go. So good. We had some leftovers and took them to feed our friends at the door. #DefendRedRiver

Twin Bitches continue to grow on stage. The band has a bit of split personality in some of the songs, some being groove oriented, others more open with big chords and space in between, but the energy is high. Rain Collectors have new music on the way in Decemeber and the band haven’t been playing live all that often lately, but any rust was quickly WD40ed and smiles were flashed between band members and if mistakes were made, we didn’t hear them. The slower pace and heavy harmonies was a beautiful change of pace to create a break and mesmerize the audience. Finally, Que Pasa made me happy. I want them to soundtrack a Rodriguez flick.

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