ATX Spotlight: Stream the Jared Leibowich Album

jzI’ve always known that Jared Zoltar had a knack for writing incredible tunes; he’s been crafting timeless pop music with the Zoltars here in Austin for some time, but could he keep it up on his own? Um, the answer’s a definite yes! Welcome Late Bloomers is his new solo-outing under his given name, Jared Leibowich, and it’s probably going to end up in my personal year end list of great things to come out of Austin in 2015. I don’t know, I’ve been listening to this non-stop and now I feel like I’m fawning over Jared, so let’s just say it’s your turn to fawn over him. He’ll also be playing a residency at Beerland all through October, so be sure to catch one of his shows…it’s always worth your time. His new album is available now through Unblinking Ear Records.  

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