Don’t Cry Shopgirl Have a New 7″

11188248_630700463730740_2341388002965267490_nThis is not a Tom Hanks referencing post (wait, too late). Instead, it’s meant to reflect the exciting news coming out of Sweden this week that there will be a new 7″ from Don’t Cry Shopgirl. The song opens as a pretty synth-driven testament, with layered electronic stabs bursting in at varying times. Still, you can hear the angular guitar work that’s popularized in the genre, which never fails to win me over. Luckily, the 7″ looks to be an EP, as there are 4 songs listed; it’ll come out soon via the dependable Cloudberry Records…I’ll keep you posted on the date.


Download: Don’t Cry Shopgirl – Bring Me Home [MP3]

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