Show Pics: 3 x 3 Series @ The Mohawk (9/21)

3x3 with Templo X 41We love live music. We love Austin artists. We want to help you love them, too. We need your help to keep bringing you the best jams for cheap. Go to our shows, buy our records. /rant

The 3 x 3 series is a brilliant idea. Let’s make it easy for venues to be open when we know it is a smaller show and get new bands exposure. We had another brilliant lineup for last Monday’s show. We got to check out the first live set for Mean Jolene, ever. We got to see Caitlin from Ultraviolet dedicate a song to her parents. We got to see Templo X for the last time in a while before Paul headed back up to Philly. I got to take pictures. It was a great night of talking with the musicians, busting balls about 90’s Emo bands and a ton of great new songs.

The guys from Templo X were in early to spin some records, mostly Paul selecting the 45s from Art’s massive collection. We talked about 80’s pop from France and avoided anything garage rock-related. This prompted another topic that most of are getting sick of the garage-psyche rock dominance of the Austin “scene”. I haven’t stopped loving it, but can some of the people that sell out the same lineups over and over start going to other shows? On the next thing.

As for the next thing, it is Mean Jolene. All familiar faces from bands like Shivery Shakes and Those Howlings, the first set felt like a release for the band. It was like they had been trying to open the pickle jar and finally got the life affirming phwack as soon as they played the first note. Adam on drums singing along to Jolie, nowhere near the mic, was pretty damned sweet. Great first set, we nodded along in approval and we’re ready to jump on this bandwagon.

We then gazed and shoes and peered through fog at Ultraviolet. The band is primarily Caitlin on vox and James on guitar, but they have made great selections for the rhythm section in the live setting; the band sounded cohesive and properly gazy. The higher tempo songs were my faves on the night, more energy is good. Standing sidestage and seeing the obligatory effects pedals with LCD presets get worked through is always fun. As mentioned, there was a nice family moment via a capella dedication and the fog machines allowed for a leftover haze for Templo X.

Finally, we had Templo X on stage together for last time in a little bit as Paul heads home to his normal grind. We can’t love on this band enough right now. If you have been paying attention, ATH prolly hit up half the shows they did while on their whirlwind tour of Austin. Great stuff as always, buy the 7″, you deserve it.

Thanks to The Mohawk and our friends at Tullamore DEW for making dreams come true.

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