ACL Fest Preview: Random Stuff To Help You

ACLWe have been setting you up with interviews, and a few news posts and some fun previews. Let’s get down to business. These are the things that will help you survive ACL. After the break you will get information that will make you feel like a seasoned pro at festing, updates on food and vendors around the grounds and plenty more.

Team ATH has a combined thirty eight years of ACL experience. You can trust us…

Let’s start with some don’ts. These may be reminders, but reminders exist because you have to be reminded.

  • Don’t try to bring in aerosol sunscreen or other products. There will be in a big box near the entrance at the end of day one of confiscated spray stuff. ****pro tip*** The good news is that you can grab cans of sunscreen on the way out later in the day that you didn’t pay for, spray yourself up the next morning for free.
  • Stop sneaking in your big camera. You might get caught, you might break it stuffed into the bottom of your bag, you might get walked out. Bring something to get snaps of your friends, by all means. But me and my photo friends have your backs, so watch for pics on the social media from the photo pit and enjoy the show
  • Don’t watch every band through your phone’s screen. See above. Live your life. Don’t periscope. Mind grapes.
  • Don’t be a dick. This is a giant shared space. Be accommodating of people trying to find friends and help those that are lost. You don’t own Zilker Park, stop pretending your personal space is so damned valuable and make some friends.
  • Don’t litter. Please pick up after yourself, OK? Recycle. It is too damn easy with the volunteers wanting to collect your empty Imperials.
  • Sorry, you can’t smoke in the park. Use it as the happiest way to help you quit smoking, but if you can’t deal, vape or Nicorette. Umkay?
  • Don’t be afraid to miss something. FOMO can be a waste of time; you spend so much effort to get somewhere that by the time you have fun, you are leaving for the next thing. Just relax. There is always that aftershow you could hit up if you were not satisfied with your day.

    Now on to the do’s…

  • Please tag your kid. It is free. ACL gets busy. Frantic parents kill my buzz.
  • Hydrate. Yes, you can bring in two sealed bottles of water. The security peeps may break that seal on the way in, deal wtih it. After that, use the Camelbak stations. It won’t be super hot this weekend, but it will be dry. You may not realize you are dehydrated until it is too late.
  • Take advantage of carpooling, ridesharing and shuttles. Help those that aren’t going to get around by minimizing your impact on traffic in downtown. It will save you money and keep the squares at bay with one less thing for them to bitch about. And what’s your rush to leave the park? Slow your roll, relish in the cool October air.
  • Pick up your wristbands from Will-Call today. Save time and frustration. Most of my friends have already done so and you want to be my friend, right?
  • Register your band and go cashless. Along with protection against losing access to the park if you mess up you wristband, registering your band will give you the option to tie a credit card to that thing on your wrist so you don’t have to carry a wad of twenties. It will work at food, beverage and merch tents. Hella-convenient and faster than using your card over and over.
  • Take a time out in the Beer Hall. Treat yourself to some craft brews and watch a little football. It also makes for a solid rallying point after grabbing food or splitting due to musical preferences.
  • Earplugs. You may not always need them, but if you get up front but to the side, you will be in pain the next day from the big stacks.
  • Finally, let’s talk food.

  • Peached Tortilla – Banh Mi Taco
  • Burro Gilled Cheese – I am partial to the Waylon and Willie. Deceptively substantial, it is a savory, gooey, e’splosion.
  • The Lonesome Dove – Three words to accompany any festival meal – Truffle Mac and Cheese
  • Tamale Addiction – You will likely catch me with a bucket of tamales at least once this weekend. They do organic, healthy food that tastes like it is bad for you. GREAT value, the green sauce is lovingly hot but delicious and they have vegetarian and vegan options so all your friends are covered by one stand.
  • The duh list consists of well known ACL faves, Chi’Lantro for kimchi fries, East Side Kings for anything they sell, Mighty Cone for the fried avocado wrap and Torchy’s though I find festival fare doesn’t stack up.

    If you need to know anything else, go here. We love you. Safe festing!

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    • Been to all of them. Minus the year I saw Asleep at the Wheel then got the call from hospice.

      Great advice. Also, don’t forget to experiment. Pick someone that doesn’t come through town to someone you know who will be here.

      And repeat. Hydrate! and Dance Dance Dance

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