ATX Weekend Show Preview

austin_mainACL Festival is still in town, still going down. But, we’re letting B. Gray get the glory for our team with his camera work. Still, despite the attraction there, you’ll find tons of really incredible local shows you need to attend, including some great album releases by some of Austin’s best (in my opinion anyways). Here’s a quick rundown of the highlight, and we hope you consider attending at least one of these show. 

Friday, October 9th

Grape St (Album Release), Think Lizzy @ Hotel Vegas – 10 PM

Bill Ball w/ Big Bill, Sailor Poon, Daniel Francis Doyle + More @ Swan Dive – 7 PM

Jared Zoltar, Payton Green @ Beerland – 630 PM

Saturday, October 10th

Sweet Talk, Borzoi, Nameless Frames, False Idol @ Hotel Vegas – 10 PM

Dune Rats, Lochness Mobsters, The Ghost Wolves @ Mohawk – 9 PM

Salad Boys, Shawn David McMillen, Que Pasa, Suspirians @ Beerland – 9 PM

Ditch the Fest @ Empire Control Room – 2 PM

And here’s some appropriate jams to help you find your way:

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