ATX Spotlight: The Cortez Bus (ft. members of East Cameron Folklore)

cortezInterestingly, I was just talking about how bands and projects needed to try interesting things to really grab fans into their work…and then I got a note about the Cortez Bus project featuring Denis and Jesse of Austin’s East Cameron Folkcore. The two set off to record on a bus parked in Terlingua, the small ghost town just outside of Big Bend National Park. For my two cents, the music is far more interesting than Terlingua, but you can definitely hear how the aura of West Texas has seeped into these songs. While the songs employ a traditional Western country vibe, I think some of the atmospheric touches that seep in remind me greatly of being out in that part of the country….bushes rustling, wind whipping across empty lands and just the general solitude. Stream it all, then donate some funds so they can head out again and find a new locale to influence their writing.

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