The Best in Indiepop of 2015

indiepopTons of genres out there, but if you’ve been following our work, you know that I’m really partial to the indiepop scene. I scour the confines of the Internet for any and the best of the genre, and admittedly get tons of tips. So, I looked back through what had come out and wanted to throw a little bit your way…just another list of what I think was the best in indiepop in 2015. Still staying away from numbering. Also…some of this has made my other lists, but I wanted to expand on my favorite genre a little bit.


The FireworksSwitch Me On

BridesheadNever Grow Up

The Spook SchoolTry to Be Hopeful

Mammoth PenguinsHide and Seek

Finnmark!Things Always Change

Postal BlueOf Love & Other Affections

Knife PleatsHat Bark Beach

Unlikely FriendsSolid Gold Cowboys

Strawberry WhiplashStuck in the Never Ending Now

The Hermit CrabsIn My Flat

Stutter Stepss/t

Bob Collins and the Full NelsonTelescopic Victory Kiss

Expert AlterationsYou Can’t Always Be Liked

The Mantles All Odds End

Azure BlueBeneath the Hill I Smell the Sea



Les Bicyclettes de BelsizeBicycle Thieves EP

Expert Alterations – s/t EP

Emma KupaHome Cinema

Alpaca Sports When You Need Me the Most

The Pains of Being Pure at HeartHell

WildhoneyYour Face Sideways

PopgunsStill Waiting for the Winter

Goodly ThousandsSunshine Hair EP


Rose Selavy/Templo X – split 7″

Moon Types – Know the Reason 7″

The Debutantes – Adams Apple 7″

Oakland Health Academy/Heavy Pet – split 7″

Red Sleeping Beauty – Always 7″

Dream Boys – Positive Arguments 7″

Here’s a few notes on this list:

  1. It is by no means the end all, be all list — as much as I try to listen to everything, you just can’t, so some rise to the top. These were the ones I listened to the most.
  2. I put out the Rose Selavy/Templo X 7″ – It belongs here. It’s great.
  3. If I missed something, I’m sorry. Please kindly let me know what I left off.
  4. Also…as big as the genre is (at least in my heart), still amazed at how few labels really bring us this great genre.
  5. And, I realized the meaning and sound vary depending upon listener, so please be warned that I realize that some might find a few of these as nontraditional indiepop…but deal with it!

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