Show Pics: CHVRCHES @ Emo’s (12/17)

CHVRCHESThere have been several bands over the years that we have seen grow and graduate the indie blogoshpere. I have seen CHVRCHES many times, loved the band’s material, met the band while Lauren was still too shy to out from the backline between the giant synth stands. During their set at FFFX, we discovered that she has gotten past that stage fright and is now a performer beyond the skilled vocals.

Now, I have been on a bit of a photo burnout sabbatical. It is what happens after weeks of festivals back to back to back with shows scattered in between. I figured I’d break that shooting manual focus lenses, going B&W, by checking a local fave in Night Drive and seeing CHVRCHES on the smallest stage they’ll play stateside until the regrettable reunion tours in 2035. Heh.

Give to Habitat for Humanity. Click through for pics.

Night Drive won the crowd over except for one asshole up front that felt it was necessary to heckle. This chickenshit prick has probably never put anything out there for others to critique or judge. You are all that wrong with “fans”. Get bent. Anyway, looking forward to see more from Night Drive during Free Week.

CHVRCHES went par for course, a little technical glitch after the third song, plenty of backlighting and big beats. It got warm in Emo’s. Better than a festival set. Dance party…

Dear C3, photos posted after a colleague confirmed no approval was required by band or management. Thanks.

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