Mellow Rock From Knight Night

11046915_825678424172816_1536771806089696562_oHere at the ATH office, we never really know what kind of emails we are going to get in our inbox, but sometimes you take that chance on a strange looking press release and come up rewarded. That’s what happened here today with the track I have from you from Knight Night. From the picture, I was expecting death metal, what I got instead was an elegantly crafted soft rock tune from this project ofSerafeim Giannakopoulos, which strikes the same sort of tone that we fell in love with from Snowmine.The vocals are sweet and gentle, carrying you through the easy jam. Simultaneously, the guitars meander through the track and the bubbling drums round the whole thing out. There’s even a bit of a build at the end of the delightful tune, one that will satisfy your rock and roll desires. The band’s debut album,God Is A Motherfucker, is out January 29th via Inner Ear Records.


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