Listen to Geddy D featuring Darius Minwalla of the Posies

geddydI hadn’t really heard of Geddy D, whois perhaps better known as Head Like a Kite, but I was struck by this song. Not only the story of Geddy digging through crates to find a recording he did with his deceased friend, Darius, but just the emotional pull that hits from the beginning. It reminds me a lot of Nada Surf in their mellower moments, pulling at your heart with really powerful chords and great melody. He’s releasing the track today to honor his friend, with proceeds going tothe Boise charity, Rock on Wheels. Enjoy, and donate.

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  • Oh my. I miss Seattle, and in particular, the music. I miss seeing Darius hanging out, or just passing by the street I used to work on. Sounds trite, and I did not know Darius closely, yet he was a friend of mine. I exchanged brief conversations and comments with him, as he was visiting the Great Kim. Well, I am moved to hear this song, and it is a good one. Miss you, Darius.

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