SXSW Interviews: Hospital Ships

hospitalHospital Ships are back this year, and they’ve got a new album to share with you all too! He’s been in and around Austin quite a bit, playing with friends and recording, so he’s familiar with the scene, but then again, SXSW is a whole different animal. We caught up real briefly with Jordan to give you a glimpse into his world. Look for the new album, The Past in Not a Flood on March 11th, the week before the music kicks off!

ATH:How many times have you played sxsw/Austin and what’s your favorite/least favorite memory of the city? If this is your first sxsw, what are you most looking forward to?

Jordan: I have played Austin and SXSW many times. My first time was a poorly attended show at a metal club (I was part of a folk band) in 2002. We slept in our van for 4 nights under I-35.
ATH:How do you go about choosing which songs to play in the limited time given in a standard minuscule sxsw set?

Jordan: It depends on the venue. I like really laid-back day shows, like the Austin Bat Cave/Smart Girls Benefit Hospital Ships played a few years ago. Shows where the crowd can actually enjoy the music.
ATH:Best case scenario, how does your sxsw go?

Jordan: Best case, we get 10,000 record deals and commercial licensing gigs. Seriously, I just enjoy seeing my Austin friends and going to Once Over Coffee. That’s enough for me.
ATH:Who have you been listening to/ excited to see at SXSW?

Jordan: Your Friend! They are the best new band I know of. Is Colin Stetson playing? I have no idea, but I’d love to see him.
ATH:Name two bands from your home town that we should listen to?

Jordan: Not many bands come from my hometown, but I live in North Carolina now. Vaughn Aed and Flock of Dimes.
ATH:Also, is the music scene in your city surviving? If yes, how? If no, what do you worry about?

Jordan: Yes. It’s a wonderful scene here. People are nice and very intent on curating a friendly scene that’s welcoming to everyone.
ATH:Describe your latest release in three words.

Jordan: Meditative, groovy, Thor
ATH:Favorite way to pass the time on tour?

Jordan: Reading. I read about 1300 pages on the last tour I was on. It was awesome.
ATH:What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained on tour?

Jordan: Does persistent diarrhea count?
ATH:What’s a festival you’ve yet to play but want to?

Jordan: Airwaves in Iceland!!!! Also MOOG fest here in Durham. The BEST!
ATH:What are your dream festival headliners?

Jordan: Washington Phillips, Jimi Hendrix, Townes Van Zandt. Playing at my house.

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