SxSW 2016: Welcome to the Jangle

Popfest's JangleThank you, Spider House. Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you, bands.

The weather was absolutely perfect. We were given blue skies, the occasional cloud, a lovely breeze to pair with some of the best music heard at SxSW. I mean, Diet Cig, The Spook School, Beverly and Brothers In Law to name a few, and add splendid local talent like Summer Salt, Rose Selavy, Ramesh and an Austin reunion of Literature. How can I dare say there was even more awesome?

Check out words from Team ATH about best-ofs, hashtag all of it kicked ass, and plenty of pics.

Nathan: First, a huge thanks goes out to Robert from Rose Selavy, who helped so much that this show wouldn’t have even been possible without him…seriously. Honestly, this was the most fun I had theentire week at SXSW. While I initially was skeptical of Spider House as a venue (for SXSW), I ended the week knowing it was the best atmosphere for what we wanted to do. It was crowded, but not overly-so, allowing the bands to make friends, or catch up, which is really what indiepop is all about. There wasn’t a single bad band on the bill…not a one. Brothers In Law played perhaps one of my favorite sets of the week, and Spook School helped me continue my love affair with them by destroying another set. We even got to fill in some space with just great guitar rock too from the likes of Pinact, Hockey Dad, Dead Stars and Tennis System. Then we ended up the night with Literature. Watching the interaction between Kevin and Nate, as well as the songs, made me curious as to what people are listening to out there? It’s a great tragedy that bands like this get overlooked. You want fun and great songs? You need look no further than them.

Like great pop music can do, I smiled for the entirety of the day, even if I was running around making sure everyone was in good shape before they played. Who knows if I’ll ever have another SXSW day such as this, but rest assured that the music, the people and everything involved in bringing this show together will not fade from my memory.

RayRay:Were you aware of all the great shows we put on last week? This was number 3 and the most epic of all with 2 stages jam packed with all kinds of pop, rock, and musical goodness. Pinactwas a favorite of mine for the day with their Glasgow themed take on grunge rock. Brothers in Law, despite their lack of movement on stage, impressed with a tight sound. The Dead Stars were another favorite for the day. Nathan is correct when he says that Spider House was a dream venue. I mean 2 stages, great good, cheap drinks, perfect weather, etc. etc. Thanks to all involved. I peaced out a little early to go catch my boy Ryan Adams, but all the daytime stuff was beyond excellent.

BGray: Is it an unwritten rule that guitar gods of pop all vibrate and jump around the stage like caffeinated grasshoppers. Diet Cig is a always a joy to photograph, their quirky glances in belief of pop gems about breakups and high school. Brothers In Law may have been more subdued, but damn I liked them so very much. Italy’s best export of SxSW easily. I miss seeing The Spook School. …and finally, what an amazing setting. The stages, the shade covers, the knacks of knick and found items. Photo guy dreams.

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