Levitation BTW: Super Furry Animals

SFA-New-1Somehow I woke up today, turned my computer on, and suddenly realized that Levitation Festival is going down this weekend. I suppose with all us ATH members being so dang busy over the last month or so, we fell asleep and failed on our pre-coverage. Well today that changes with our first band to watch feature spotlighting veteran Welsh band Super Furry Animals. Follow the jump for some brief personal thoughts and a video or two.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint when my fandom for SFA really began. I believe it was back in 2003 with the release of the criminally underrated gem of an albumPhantom Power. I remember loving the way the band were sometimes a little power pop, sometimes a little grunge, and definitely never took themselves too seriously. You can hear that album blaring in my house at least a few times a month.

From that time, I picked up most of the back catalog and continued to follow the band through their hiatus and eventual reunion. I’m ashamed to admit however that I’ve never seen the band in the live setting and have always hated myself for it. But alas, now my chance has finally come and I can honestly say that SFA is my top band to watch over the weekend. Sure some bigger bands are on the bill, and I’ve got tons of others I have to see, but this one is personal for me. I can finally cross them off my “haven’t seen yet you loser” list of must see bands all time.

Come join me onSunday at 8:10 PM in the Levitation Tent for Super Furry Animals.

Here are a couple of videos of personal favorites:

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