Can’t Not Share New Local Natives!

13063015_10154004937181278_640210931557770896_oThis song broke out a few days ago, but to hell with it! Local Natives, your favorite band that blends raucous percussion and lush harmonies have victoriously returned, and while they haven’t officially announced a new album, they have shared with us “Past Lives,” which is a song that I’ve had on repeat for the past three days. You’re greeted with the familiarly soaring vocals of Taylor Rice, accompanied by some swelling synths that their sophomore record, Hummingbird employed so well. The track gives you Local Natives as you’ve known them before, but some changes are also traceable in the mix as well; the guitars are more angular, sharper as they cut through the song. Of course you still have that staccato drum rhythm, but the vocals, while still beautiful, have some bite of raw emotion to them when the song builds to its end. Take a listen and look out for news about their third album, which should hopefully be gracing our ears within the year.

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