Pecan Street Musings

Pecan Street 29The lineup for Pecan Street Festival was quite ATH friendly. Given that two of the wife’s favorite Austin acts, Night Drive and Knifight, were scheduled for set times that book-ended the dinner hour a couple blocks from Parkside, we figured we would take in all that Sixth could offer before it got dirteh.

Thoughts, pics, etc.

If I were a vendor, it would be a difficult thing to decide when to pack up and bail out. I am sure it all starts as family friendly shopping, maybe grabbing a craft beer before buying crafts from a crafty person, but there is a line that gets crossed where it goes to drinking as a novelty thing; beers on streets. You have to recognize that as a vendor, the party is coming and you have to get out of the way unless you are selling koozies or those t-shirts that look like you aren’t wearing a shirt.

Clowns creep me out.

Knifight: Plenty of friends in place, they played the hits and songs that would get you moving some feet, while clinging to the gothy fringe. Perhaps it was the mix, but I really envisioned their set Joy Division’s evolution had that been a thing. Idunno. Could have been the extra dry cider, but the sound person had it bolted (she works Cheer Up and I have been meaning to compliment her, but her name escapes).

Parkside: Bar staff made a great recommendation for oysters, best french fries in Austin. SRSLY. I had the pork chop, it was a well brined bone-on variety, smoked and then seered on one side for caramel crust. Various spring veggies lived around the plate, blue corn grits hiding underneath. I had a Prairie Saison as accompaniment. Yes. The wife’s salmon looked equally bad ass. Parkside and sister restaurant around the corner, Backspace, are welcome retreats from the hectic nature of Sixth. Thanks, Chef Cirkiel.

We visited Shakespeare’s, the bar in which I met the wife of eighteen years. #ithappens

Night Drive: Sup, guys? We had a little Pecan dance party. The hits are the hits. I was going to demand a cover, their version of “Queen” by Perfume Genius is lovely, but they went with the other summer series thing, Radiohead’s “Where I End and You Begin“. So good. Confetti. Big sound in that tent. It was nice.

…and then you see the condom in the middle of the street walking back to the car. Oh, Sixth Street.

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