Premiere: New Slow Dakota Album On Its Way

slowdakotaWhen I first heard this new Slow Dakota track, I was hooked. It’s that same sound that caught me with the early Beirut. Plus, there’s some mystery in the song itself, and in fact, in all the songs that are to come from his new effort The Ascension of Slow Dakota. There’s so many textural touches, so many pieces within the pieces…if that makes any sense. For instance, you’re enjoying this song, the voice soaring high in your ears, but all of a sudden there’s a vocal sample of an old woman. You close all the other windows on your browser, trying to get rid of it, but then it’s gone. So the song continues, your soul is soothed, then a blast of joy comes in just after the 2.45 mark; listening, it made me feel alive. I’m looking forward to the release of the album next week (July 22) via Massif Records.

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