Power Pop from Kleenex Girl Wonder

kleenexgirlwonderphoto3bygrahamsmithAre you tired of the emo revival? Tired of all those beats and blips? Well, then get ready to turn your speakers up and listen to classic power-pop from Kleenex Girl Wonder! Graham Smith and his project are ready to bring you a hook-laden record of the most literate piece of pop you’ll hear in 2016, filled with over 8,000 fresh lyrics and spanning over 70 minutes. The Comedy Album is a statement piece of art that surpasses its peers in this calendar year, and frankly, any of those in the past (I’m looking at you John Darnielle!). But, ultimately, a record’s only as good as the music, and if you don’t find your speakers begging to have the crisp guitar pop of this track coming through again and again, then you might need to take them to the shop.This brilliant collection comes your way on October 28th via Reesonable Records.

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