Survive – RR7349

surviveRR7349 (Relapse Records) sounds like some sort of galaxy or nebulae that has yet to be named by human scientists. While this isnt the case (Its the catalogue number) I think the general line of thought fits. The sounds, timbres and moods contained in this record are upfront, but theres subtleties at work that make it difficult to say exactly what they are.
Tracks like Sorcerer have a clear feeling that something is happening or about to happen, and all you can tell is that its very, very important. Although there are no words, there is what sounds like a chorus of low-toned druids loading their dab rig. Perhaps a nod to the controversial score by tangerine dream, this track stands alone and proud as it progresses into more menacing humanoid sounds as well as what may as well be a very large coil being struck with a human femur.
Cutthroat sounds as sinister as its title implies. A bouncy and drifty arpeggiated sequence starts the theme off immediately while a series of short-sustained ominous pings are peppered in along with that damn coil. Whatever this twisted villain depicted in this song is doing, it comes to a horror-filled climax that leaves you feeling empathy for a victim you dont know.
This is look over your shoulder while alone and paranoid in your home music. This is stand behind your spouse with a shovel music.
S U R V I V E is now undoubtedly on the high-counsel of a synthy renaissance. Before any mention or critical acclaim, they were on this counsel, along with a select group of artists putting on their black robes and engaging in their rituals for the benefit of our world.

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